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Advocating diversity over speciality

Pursuing several disciplines doesn't dilute your skills but rather serves to complement them. Knowledge of technical restraints and possibilities feed into design decisions as much as the knowledge of the human physiological and psychology feeds into development practises.

Both domains of development and design requires years of training. I believe though that the danger of being immersed in the details of one discipline limits the possibility to have a dialogue with the other.

In a team environment being able to traverse disciplines greatly reduces time spent on translating the needs and requirements between groups of people through time consuming meetings. With the savings made from redundant meetings there's time for synergy to happen instead.


moving towards a common goal and arriving there simultaneously as a group

There are no prizes handed out to individuals in the end, but rather the team's satisfactory feeling of accomplishment. The more a team can pull together the greater the feeling is in the end. The project is king. Give yourself up to it.

how I work

being orderly

It might seem like a trivial thing to point out for the rest of the world but being orderly ties in with a lot of other things. How you manage your folder structures, how you name your assets, how you organise your code can either cause friction or streamline your working process. Speed is of essence, clarity comes with cleanliness.

the goal

participate in digitising society

There is still a substantial amount of activities which can be streamlined and even eliminated by digital services. Does connecting to a wifi network require that much effort? Is it really necessary to wait a week to obtain a passport?

By making smarter tools based on open standards we can also eliminate hardware redundancy. Think of the car stereo panel which is one takes along when parking the car. Can't a smartphone replace it?

I'm interested in creating these tools and services. I'm interested in lowering the level of competency required to use them and enhancing tools to make them usable for all members of society and insuring accessibility for members with a greater degree of requirements. Simplifying, streamlining, but not stupidifyingly so.

what's on offer

what I offer is in essence a translation service,

a translation between machine and human. More specifically making computer instructions available to humans and feeding back human needs into computer systems. It's a dialogue between a structured system and contextual needs.

I'm currently active with using web technologies and applying them to user focused design principals. I still hold true to my origins in visual communication and can produce digital products from conception to finish. Have a look into what I've been able to produce before and what potential there is for future endeavours.

Looking for a complete list of competencies? Have a look at the CV.


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